3 Best Places To Install Security Cameras Dubai


Security cameras with closed-circuit television (CCTV) are a potent deterrent. They have a significant effect on potential intruders as well as annoyance makers. Their visibility is their greatest asset. People are more likely to behave themselves when these cameras are more noticeable. A person’s behavior is greatly affected by their awareness of being watched.

CCTV cameras also serve a purpose other than deterrence. They are useful in accident or crime investigations. Therefore, it is crucial to deploy security camera Dubai in a place where it contributes to crime prevention, without compromising the ability of investigators to review the footage.

Depending on your unique requirements and security concerns, the locations may change. The three locations listed in this post are where installing CCTV cameras will be most beneficial. The AMC Professionals is a service provider that has been in the security surveillance business for over 17 years in the UAE market. We aim to go above and beyond expectations to attain customer satisfaction.

Exits and Entrances

There is no better place to record visitor facial photos and recordings than at the entrance or exit. The presence of cameras at these locations sends a clear message to anyone considering committing a crime. These locations produce crisper images, which makes it easier for investigators to swiftly identify suspects.

A word of warning is required in this situation before anyone runs to reposition their cameras. When a door opens or closes, the amount of light that hits the camera lens abruptly changes. If you don’t take safeguards, the cameras will only capture bright or dark patches, so you won’t see faces. Install cameras close to doors, but in a location where abrupt changes in light level won’t affect how well they work.

Placement of cameras near a bright screen near the entrance and exit is a good trick. You’ll get clear facial photographs since visitors will be drawn to the screen.

Target Areas

Typically, thieves on a heist do not target candies, books, or clothing. They head straight for the safes, jewelry cases, and cash drawers. Installing cameras targeted at these target areas is thus a good idea.

It is not necessary to photograph the offender in this case. Although it seems counterintuitive, this approach has two benefits. First of all a criminal’s plans or intentions will change in the presence of a camera. Second, it helps police investigators in their work. Through strategically placed cameras, the investigators will be able to determine the severity of the crime.

Uninhabited Areas

Installing security cameras in parking lots, stairwells, and back alleys is a good idea. These are areas that are remote and quiet in general. Potential offenders have the ideal opportunity to carry out a crime because of this relative seclusion. This is something that a security camera Dubai can stop. A lens glaring at a potential criminal will discourage them from committing any crime.

The Conclusion

It is reasonable to conclude that entrance doors, exits, target areas, and secluded areas are good places to deploy security cameras. Because they do not notify you of an intruder, home security camera systems differ from home security alarm systems. As a result, home security systems and security camera systems are normally used in conjunction with each other.

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