Three Spells That Can Help Get Your Lover Back

Manifest love spell

Love can undoubtedly be one of the trickiest things to master, but more than that, it’s letting go. People you love with all your heart and soul are often too hard to let go of, especially if you have already planned the rest of your life with them.

Even though love might seem unfair to many, you can get a couple of easy spells to get your ex back. This blog further discusses three spells you can use to bring back your lost love, irrespective of if they are away from you, there is no communication, or they are with someone else.

  • Spell To Communicate With Your Ex:

There are many times when you feel like a conversation could have changed where both of you are at this point in your life. Maybe you missed out on telling them how special they made you feel, or just want to let your heart out for once. Well, the manifest love spell is perfect for such situations. With this easy spell, your ex will surely try to get back in touch with you.

This also works if they are already with someone else. The spell basically makes them miss your presence and think about you. All you need for this are two candles. Anoint both those candles with perfumed oil and write both your names on either candle. Light them and chant the magic words, and you will surely get a text or a call from your ex.

  • Spell That Can Get Your Ex Back Permanently:

Another spell that can work wonders for your half-made love story is this. If you are still head over heels in love with the person and want them back in your love, using this spell can make it possible. However, this is a bit more powerful than the last one, so the chant has to be intense and meant with all your heart.

You will need both your pictures and a red wax candle for this. Stick both the pictures on the candle together and chant the magic words 360 times daily. Quite soon, you will find your ex paying more attention to what you do and wanting to communicate with you.

  • Spells To Get Back A Serious Relationship:

While the spells mentioned above work on both serious and short-term relationships, this spell is specifically for more intense relationships. This is more appropriate if you want to get your ex-husband or wife back. However, since this is a more passionate spell, it will only work if there is a lot of positive energy flowing between you.

Luckily, the spell is quite effective and quick to show results. The spell works best if you cast it before sunrise. For this, you will need some kind of belonging to the other person, for instance, a piece of cloth. You need to say the chants at least 360 times every day and keep the belongings close to you all day.

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