Top Options in Welding Rig Service Truck for Sale

welding service truck for sale

welding service truck for sale

Going mobile is not just a popular early 1970s song by “The Who,” it’s also a profitable and sought-after business prospect for the professional welder. A very flexible industry, “Rig Welding” provides services to homeowners, hobby and commercial farmers, dairies, wineries, commercial and industrial applications, pipeline, etc. The list goes on and on and on, much like a battery.

Best Choices Available In Welding Rig Trucks For Sale

Welding service truck for sale can range from a light flat-bed truck to a large pickup. The required welding tools and equipment are then installed in the vehicle in accordance with the applicable industry sector, processes, and services the welder elects to offer.

The optimum full-scale welding rig truck would be a heavy-duty, four-wheel-drive truck with a cab and chassis, powered by diesel with an aluminum work deck to reduce weight. The truck is then outfitted with a multipurpose, industrial-rated diesel-driven welding machine, essential ox-acetylene equipment, a powerful air compressor, and hydraulic lifting boom that is the right size. And a full line of expert, hand, pneumatic, and power tools.

Welders Prefer To Design Their Own Welding Rig

Although there are options for commercially constructed welding rigs, many welders prefer to design and construct their own unique welding rig. More often the professional welders prefer having all the welding equipment mounted on a movable aluminum skid. Since it makes it simple to install and remove it from an HD 4WD pickup truck. With this idea, you have a functional vehicle and the freedom to install the camper and take the family on a long weekend wilderness excursion.

Since they don’t often work year-round and just install the skid as needed, distribution and mainline pipeline welders frequently go for the removable skid-style welding service truck for sale.

Opportunities for Employment With Welding Service Truck

The following are some possible projects for someone with a rig welding truck:

Drilling Rigs

The job involved in drilling rigs is not the most difficult. Although it contains a lot of structural metalwork, it does not always put the rig welders to the test. Sometimes, pipeline work may take place. To ensure that everything runs well, they must keep everything in shape. With regard to this employment, there is no overtime.

Welding Pipes

Due to the possibility of being exposed to adverse weather conditions, this task is a little more difficult. Here, pipes are connected or repaired in case of damage, whether accidental or not. Compared to working on drilling rigs, it is a harder job.

The Nutshell

The owner of the rig welding truck will be in charge of his or her own schedule. This means that the welder will have complete independence and will not have to, answer to anyone. Try not to turn down any employment offers after purchasing the appropriate mobile rig welding setup. This advice is a springboard for a prosperous company. Maintain a good attitude at all times and strive to enhance each skill.

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