Always Stay on Top of Your Car with General Tire Maintenance!

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Car owners in general don’t pay much attention to their vehicle if it starts up for them every day. But that’s a dangerous habit to get into. Modern automobiles are extremely complicated pieces of engineering, and many things can go wrong. If you give priority to regular maintenance of your car, especially its tires, you’re going to have a lot safer ride – and you’ll experience very few breakdowns!

Tires play an important role in keeping car owners safe on the road. Hence, you should look for tire shops Orange Park FL that offer customers free tire inspections and free tire rotations. 

This blog post will talk about the unique benefits of routine tires maintenance, and how it keeps your car and tires in good condition.

General Tire Maintenance

Tires need special attention, due to how crucial they’re for maintaining safe driving. Your tires are in constant contact with the road, so they dictate the amount of traction your car has; including making a big difference in how well it handles. Worn-out tires are extremely dangerous!

These are the key elements of your tires to pay attention to.

Tire inflation pressure.

Every tire carries a recommended range for the air pressure measured in Pounds-per-Square-Inch (PSI). This will vary according to a specific model of tire and be mentioned in your owner’s manual; including being described in information on the side wall.

You must check your tire pressure on a regular basis and fill up the tire whenever the pressure is low. But make sure not to over-inflate! Same as a balloon an over-inflated tire will be more prone to bursting on the road and at a risk of being easily damaged by objects on the road.

Visible damage.

At least once a week, do a quick visual inspection of your tires. Do you see any signs of damage, such as cracks, bulges, or items embedded in the tire? Visit one of your local tire shops Orange Park FL for tire repairs immediately! A tire having visible damage will be unsafe to drive on, especially for longer trips.

Tread depth.

The treads on your tire are meant to give it traction on the road. The deeper the treads are, the better your grip would be. Unfortunately, tires keep losing rubber owing to friction, so the tread will wear out over time.

You should avoid driving on tires with a tread depth below 3/32″, and even that poses a danger. In case the tire depth is too low, visit a local tire shop to discuss alternatives like retreading or replacing the tires.

Regular tire rotation.

Tire rotation implies taking every tire off its current axles and moving it to other positions around the car. This is a necessary practice because tires are prone to wearing out unevenly. Especially, front tires take more abuse than rear tires. Switching tires around spreads out the damage. This results in extending lifespan of your car’s tires and minimize the chances of a blowout on the road.

The Final Words

Fortunately, a lot of Orange Park tire shops offer free tire rotations.

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