An Overview On The Role of Coaching for Leadership Development

leadership development coaching

Leadership development speaks of the progress an individual makes in taking up leadership responsibilities & roles. Coaching now has a vital role in leadership development to handle new challenges and hone employee skills to improve business performance. Coaching for leadership development has become indispensable thanks to a greater need for leaders and managers to navigate with agility through change and challenges, for instance the pandemic, remote and/or hybrid working, uncertain economic environment, and technological advancements.

How does coaching help with leadership development?

As mentioned already, coaching has a vital role within leadership development. But how? Being a leader in fast-evolving times and environments can be tough, for this reason an experienced and qualified coach can help shape leaders for success. There are several things that leadership development coaching can help with such as:

  • Help leaders set priorities and remain focused on them in fast-moving situations.
  • Support these individuals to keep away from stress and burnout, both in themselves and their teams.
  • Help to amplify specific hard and soft skills.
  • Advise and guide leaders in tough situations, such as internal politics and power struggles.
  • Giving feedback, and helping leaders do something similar for their teams.
  • Help leaders make their future career plans along with long- and short-term goals.
  • Help leaders find a comfortable work-life balance.

What should leadership development coaching look like?

Looking to invest in leadership development coaching? There are different features that you should look for when using coaching as a leadership development tool:

  1. Personalized

Leadership Coaching should be personalized as all leaders are unique. Each one has their own leadership style, their unique ways of working, and their own strengths and weaknesses, among others. Coaching can help leaders assess these strengths and weaknesses and improve on them for optimal development. Feedback and reviews need to be unique to the individual in order to experience the maximum benefits of leadership coaching.

  1. Sustainable and lasting

Coaching for leadership development is not simply about a quick fix to reach the next level. It needs to be lasting, equipping the leaders with the skills and knowledge they require to continue their growth and development journeys.

  1. Applicable to real-life situations

This is typically the side-effect of leadership coaching in the workplace as real-life challenges and situations may be discussed with coaches as they occur, so coaches could help navigate these experiences. For this reason, undertaking external coaching programs can potentially work best so individuals don’t feel embarrassed discussing their concerns or challenges with their colleagues and/or bosses.

Should you invest in leadership development coaching?

Coaching for leadership development can help your leaders:

  • Outline distinct goals
  • Keep themselves organized
  • Motivate their own team members
  • Readily adapt to changing circumstances


Research has found that around 70% of individuals who received leadership coaching experienced an improvement in their work performance, along with improvement in communication skills and workplace relationships. In conclusion, leadership development coaching can play a crucial role in empowering leaders and maximizing their performance and progress through their guidance and support.


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