Best Options Available For Private and Commercial Security System


Everybody worries about the security of their home. More so when you have a family to support. How does one make one’s homes as threat-proof as possible?

Obviously, no one wants to live in fear of being burgled. But is there any way of making your home or office fully safe from intruders? The answer is obviously “no”! If a thief wants to get into your property, they will. But there are several methods and means of ensuring that your home or business premises are fully protected. And also for ensuring that it doesn’t seem to be an easy target.

What Are The Options For A Security System

There are number of options available, from the basic to the ridiculously complicated, depending on the level of the system you are looking for. Conspicuous pieces such as signs that say your home or office is protected and visible, CCTV cameras systems are by far the easiest and most economical way to make sure, that a thief is aware that there’ll be trouble if they choose to break into your building. Broadcast the fact that you’re protected. Doing so, you’ll have lesser risk than those who have no AMC (annual maintenance contract) for CCTV camera maintenance Dubai.

Indoor Camera: Indoor cameras as the name indicate are used for indoor security mechanisms. Based on your security requirements, you can mount it at an apt location within the building. These are best suited for security in homes, schools, offices, hotels, etc.

IR Day/Night Camera: IR Day/ Night Camera are designed for high alert security areas, where surveillance takes place day and night. In the daytime the camera functions like a normal camera with standard colors. At nighttime it switches to low-lux black and white mode. As visibility deteriorates due to no-light at night, Infrared LEDs are automatically illuminated offering full security. These cameras are mainly used by military personals, including in parking lots, and high security zones.

Outdoor Camera: Outdoor CCTV Camera that comes under AMC for CCTV camera maintenance Dubai is purposed for outdoor places. They are typically used for entry and exit points with limited night lighting. Outdoor cameras have hard shell vandal-proof casings and come in varied lens options.

Vandal Proof Camera: Vandal proof cameras act as outdoor security cameras. These cameras are housed inside solid material. Also covered by a “hub” of breakproof glass which doesn’t hamper the quality of the video camera streams. It is hard to break these cameras and for this reason are perfect for high security. They are appropriate for wall or ceiling mounting and are rain/fog resistant.

Hidden Camera: Hidden cameras are smaller in size and are designed for secret monitoring. They are basically installed in public places such as department stores, theatres, clubs, etc. These cameras feature a built-in recorder that records and broadcasts simultaneously. By installing a number of security cameras and networking them different strategic views of the place would be captured.

The Summary

These were some typical options available today for private and commercial security systems.

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