Types Of Car Window’s Tint On The Marketc

Window tint in chesapeake va

A high-quality window tint for your car adds a feeling of elegance to any automobile. It also works effectively to shade you and your passengers from unwanted sunshine, lowering the overall internal temperature of your car. This covering also ensures to protect your upholstery and leather from fading and cracking in the summer heat.

However, before you finally decide to add some shade to your automobile, you should know what types are offered in the market.

Ceramic Film

Ceramic film is still fairly new. Comprising of an adhesive layer and top coat with a thin ceramic layer in the middle, this type of film blocks out 50 to 70 percent of light. Ceramic film blocks both light glare and UV rays and will not fade over time. In addition, it easily allows radio signals to pass through. It can also block out heat effectively. The fact is it is one of the rather expensive options on the market.

Metalized Film

Metalized window tint in Chesapeake VA has multiple layers which are metalized to block UV light & heat. This is one of the darkest solutions on offer, making it illegal in a few states. When installed in a proper manner this film blocks 60 to 90 percent of all light and heat. Although it is reflective, it still blocks glare efficiently. It won’t fade over time and assures durability.

The only drawback seen in this type of tint is it may block cell phone and radio signals from entering and leaving the car. It may even interfere with your tire pressure monitoring system. Moreover, it can be a little more expensive than some other options on offer.

Dyed Film

Another type of tinting available is the dyed window film. This type of window tint in Chesapeake VA is made by placing a layer of dye next to the adhesive, then applying it to the glass. Based on the shading this version can block five to 50 percent of light entering the car.

It reduces fading from the sun, blocks any needless glare from headlights, and is non-reflective. Being a value for money product, it is one of the best options, since when applied properly it is looks appealing and doesn’t block radio signals.

Unfortunately, while it performs well at blocking out light it  lacks the ability to block out heat. Moreover, over time, UV light can damage the surface of the window, impelling it to go from black to purple.

Hybrid Film

Hybrid is made to be a combination film designed for those who like both dyed and metal options. This variant contains four layers: an adhesive layer, dyed layer, metalized layer, and top coat. Coming with the ability to block five to 50 percent of light, it also reflects heat. It furthermore reduces fading and blocks glare.

It may not be as reflective as fully metalized options. Nevertheless, it won’t block radio or cell phone signals either. It is relatively inexpensive compared to metalized, but it is more expensive than straight dyed.

The Bottom Line

At the end selecting the best window tint in Chesapeake VA for your car boils down to cost and personal preference.




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