Different Kinds Of Hair Removal Lasers On The Market

laser hair removal Miami

Do you envisage throwing out your razors and depilatories and dumping them forever? Are you sometimes anxious that you must go to a salon for your beauty upkeep? If so, you might like the idea of laser hair removal. While it is a pricier alternative to buying razor refills or getting a bikini wax, laser hair removal Miami offers a more permanent solution.

Some Women Have Excessive Hair Growth

There are some people who have excessive hair due to their background. Mediterranean and Hispanic women have darker, thicker hair. Referring to Scandinavian women, too have excess hair. But you can hardly see it, so it requires a minimal removal process.

Hormones are responsible for excessive hair on the face or chest for some women, so they want these removed. You need to ascertain that before you have any laser treatment you have to be in expert hands. Hair stops growing once the laser heats it, and likewise, the cells are divided which would then undergo apoptosis or cell death.

Look For A Certified Laser Practitioner

The varying wavelengths of the lasers are assimilated differently by the skin and hair. The laser to be used for each patient hinges on the patient’s skin color and the texture and color of the hair. You must see documented proof stating that the person who will be doing the procedure on you is a certified laser practitioner. Try to hire a well-trained dermatologist or supervised aesthetician nurse to have your hair removed to help avoid scarring, skin discoloration, and burning of the skin.

When the skin is tan it becomes harder to remove the hair. So, patients are advised to avoid being exposed to the sun. The basis of the most recommended laser systems that are available today is the four main laser technologies. Additionally, there is light-based technology also known as intense pulsed light. You can expect good results once a trained physician performs the procedure using the appropriate device for you.

Types Of Lasers Used In Hair Removal

Ruby laser was the original technology that has been effective for hair removal. But now, you won’t see ruby laser commonly because it has been superseded, by the shortest wavelength and other newer technologies.

The alexandrite laser is another shortest wavelength laser after the ruby laser. Light brown hair can also be removed using this kind of laser.

Another type of laser hair removal Miami that is offered in two wavelengths is the diode laser. This type of removal laser is deemed the workhorse of all lasers where this is safe to use in all kinds of skin and hair types as it has a longer wavelength. The dark skin pigment doesn’t assimilate this laser so is safe to use for people with a dark complexion. Diode laser is best for ethnic skin types besides, it can effectively remove dark hair.

The Bottom Line

If visiting a salon for waxing has been your routine, it is advised to ask your dermatologist first if it is safe for you to have laser hair removal Miami. Having this treatment can allow you to stay beautiful and neat.

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