4 Week Gut Protocol with Autumn Calabrese


You are not alone if you are experiencing gastrointestinal distress. Many factors influence gut health, including stress, sleep, exercise, and diet. 

Nutritionist and BODi Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese has had her fair share of stomach issues. 

She finally figured out how to identify her “food sensitivities” after years of struggling with the issue and consulting extensively with her doctor. 

You can now do the same. Just like that: Eliminate potential food triggers for gastrointestinal issues. Toss in some low-impact workouts. 

Using both her professional and personal experiences, Autumn overcame both the mental and physical obstacles. difficulties brought on by her gastrointestinal disorders. all the while including a simple, arthritic-friendly exercise regimen.

Autumn Calabrese Gut Program is the first step; it’s an all-encompassing nutrition program that teaches you how your gut affects your general health through food. 

With the program’s guidance, you may identify the foods that negatively affect your digestive health and learn to live comfortably again. 

Autumn developed 4 Weeks for Every Body to supplement the advantages of The 4 Week Gut Protocol since research has shown that light exercise can favor gut health.

Because so many people suffer from underlying gastrointestinal difficulties, Autumn recommends that everyone give The 4 Week. Gut Protocol is a go, especially when combined with 4 Weeks for Every Body, to lessen the joint strain.

Suppose you want to learn how to live a gut-healthy lifestyle and develop a personalized exercise and nutrition plan. In that case, you should join The 4 Week Gut Protocol with 4 Weeks for Every Body. 

How Does the 4-Week Gut Protocol Work? 

In just four weeks, you can improve your gut health and learn to identify and avoid the top foods and substances that contribute to gastrointestinal distress and other health problems with the help of the innovative Autumn Calabrese Gut Program

What does this program entail? 

Autumn takes you step-by-step through the process of identifying the foods that might be giving you problems in her video tutorials, detailing when to undertake each task.

In just four weeks, she will teach you how to eliminate seven foods that have a history of causing you problems, allowing you to gradually but surely replace them and restore harmony to your diet. 

Who needs to run the Autumn Calabrese Gut Program? 

Autumn Calabrese Gut Program is a lifesaver for anyone dealing with gastrointestinal problems. 

Are dietary guidance and recipes included in the program? 

Sure thing! In addition to weekly encouragement and education, you will receive eight program-friendly recipe videos and PDFs, food lists to help you remain on track, and more. 

What dietary supplements are recommended for me? 

According to Autumn’s recommendation, nutrient absorption and bioavailability can be enhanced with the help of digestive enzymes. 

To maximize the benefits of The 4 Week Gut Protocol, she suggests taking Vegan Shakeology daily and the pre-and probiotic Revitalize, which helps support beneficial gut flora. 

When taken regularly, these vitamins aid digestion and keep the body’s microbiome in good shape. 

Optimization and Revitalize, a 4-week protocol, is now accessible in Canada. If they are unavailable where you are, Autumn can assist you in locating suitable substitutes. 

What exercises are included in the Autumn Calabrese Gut Program?

A low-impact program that EVERYONE may use to achieve results and consistency. The perfect fitness addition to Autumn’s 4 Week Gut Protocol is 4 Weeks for Every Body.

When following the 4-week stomach Protocol, it is advised to exercise, but not to the point where it hinders your body’s natural ability to aid your stomach. 

Autumn skillfully designed these exercises for your gut repair journey, centered on exertion rather than impact. 

You will complete sixteen workouts in four weeks, each taking less than thirty minutes (not including warmups and cooldowns!). 

The emphasis is on eccentric (lengthening) exercises that maximize the advantages of tension time. 

You will see benefits from the Autumn Calabrese Gut Program; every minute of it is planned to help you get there. 

In addition to your usual exercises, you can incorporate four indoor cycling rides into your routine. 

One can participate in the regular 4 Weeks for Every Body program or join in the fall with the 4 Weeks for Every Body Super Block. 



Nutritionist and super trainer Autumn Calabrese has created several cutting-edge workout regimens. The Portion Fix diet, the culinary program FIXATE, and the 4-week Gut Protocol. In addition to her credentials from NASM and AFPA, she has earned the title of holistic health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

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